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Transforming our passion for a better future for all children.

About Us

At Involvvely, we’re dedicated to building a community of engaged parents that share ideas and resources towards the success of every child’s education and growth.

For Families

From school work to activities, Involvvely provides the tools they need, when they need it, right on any device. Delegate related activities between family members seamlessly.

For Teachers

Teachers can share with parents and students information that's happening daily in the classroom, or deliver announcements in real-time via smart phones.

For Students

Involvvely enables students to share activities from the classroom and out of the classroom using videos, photos, drawings, and more.


Our Mission

Involvvely is a place where every parent has an opportunity to add value to the development of the school community, also giving teachers visibility into parents’ concerns and easy to use tools to their students success. We don’t believe there is some “ideal” education, a one-size-fits-all model that all kids must fit. Instead, we believe every community of teachers, parents and kids should be able to get the learning experiences that they want and love. And we believe the way to do that is from the ground up. We listen to teachers, kids and families and help them work together as a community.
Helping with homework
Father and daughter using digital tablet at home.

Our Solution.

Involvvely is an interactive website dedicating to connect all parents within the community to engage and share resources needed to support and promote the child’s learning and school experience. We will be the leading communication app for primary schools in the whole USA. We will help teachers, parents, and kids to share more often and more positively about what’s happening at school and at home – including photos, videos, messages, and positive feedback.

Our Team

As we like to say, it takes a village and Involvvely is no different. We may have different backgrounds and expertise but we’re all here for the same reason: to help you raise the best kids possible with the best tools we can provide.

In The News

Check out our latest press release that just hit the wire!  We went all out announcing the release of our Alpha Build and were featured on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, PR Newswire, Market Insider and more. 


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