Press Release

Involvvely – The “One-Stop Parenting Resource” App releases its first public Alpha build for testing

ATLANTA, Nov. 17, 2021 – Involvvely – the “One-Stop Parenting Resource” App built to take the EdTech industry by storm has released its first public alpha build for testing. It’s available now for iOS , as well as Android from Involvvely’s website.



Founded in 2020 in the midst of COVID-19, Involvvely was created out of a need to combine lessons learned from parents desperately trying to connect to their children’s schools through often numerous outdated online education systems and confusing parenting resources. With a centralized platform combining parenting resources, family communication and task management, as well as class, school, and district integration – Involvvely looks to succeed where other EdTech apps fail: to provide a real tool to help parents and students navigate today’s challenging environment. 

Included in the Alpha Build: The Involvvely app enables users to link their families’ devices together, creating a closed unit for private and group messaging, as well as the automated task manager. This exciting feature allows all family members to add, assign, and contribute to the group’s to-do’s – empowering everyone to join in and teach responsibility and accountability. For parents – the Community Groups: Topic-specific groups available to connect with each other in a safe space to empower and communicate tricks and tips to help everyone lead a successful family life. Last but not least – for teachers, the ability to connect with their student’s parents, creating communication pathways that simply aren’t available through the traditional school email/newsletter resources. 


“For years, I’ve been witnessing an increasing need for a solution to the broken education resources not only Atlanta but nationwide and decided with my background, I owed it to the parents struggling with these issues daily to do something about it,” Josh Tutu, CEO, and founder of Involvvely stated. “We’ve put together a world-class team to create the best app possible for all to use and I’m personally thrilled that we’ve reached this point in the development that we can show the world exactly what we’ve been up to for the last year.”


The Involvvely Alpha build is planned to run through the end of 2021 with a Beta and full release with free and premium subscriptions scheduled for 2022. For more information about Involvvely and to join the Alpha Build please visit


Contact:, 833-881-3800