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Live Chat

Have a quick question about the app? Feel free to hop on our live chat and ask away! Our chat agents can help with tricks and tips to help out.

Submit a Ticket

Sometimes it take a little bit of a look under the hood to see what's going on. Thats exactly why we have the option to submit a ticket that goes straight to our development team to get to the bottom of your support issue.


Have a generic question? Chances are its been asked before! Be sure to hit up the frequently asked questions to see if its covered and pick up some more info!

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Live Chat

 Being parents ourselves, we know how much a quick answer helps, so our support team is standing by to help! Simply click the chat icon I the lower right hand side of the screen on any device to open the Live Chat. If in agent doesn’t answer right away, no worries – simply submit your info and we’ll get back to you asap! 

Submit a Ticket

Have a problem that needs solving? Or maybe an issue you want our development team to be aware of? No worries! Just take a screenshot and submit a ticket. Each ticket goes straight to our development team and gets answered ASAP so we can get you back on the app and rocking your family life like an Involvvely champ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a generic question? Chances are its been asked before! Be sure to hit up the frequently asked questions to see if its covered and pick up some more info!

What is the Involvvely Alpha Build?

Great question! We're currently shooting for Involvvely to be release in Spring 2022. To reach that goal we're launching two versions of the app to test before launch: an Alpha and Beta build. The Alpha Build will include the basic functionality - giving users the first look at the "bones" of the application while letting our developers test various server loads, bug reports, etc.  The Beta build will be a much more complete version of Involvvely that focuses on the finishing touches before we go live with the final product.  Both steps are super critical so the more help we get the better the end result will be! 

How do I install the Involvvely iOS Alpha Build?

It's super easy! Simply click here which will take you to the Involvvely iOS Testflight page. Testflight is the Apple iOS application that allows developers to release their application in Beta mode. From there follow the directions to download the TestFlight app which will then prompt you to load Involvvely! 

How do I install the Involvvely Android Alpha Build?

We wouldn't dream of leaving Android behind! To install the beta application, simply download the file here, then go to settings / Applications and make sure to select "install from unknown sources" (Anything not hosted on the Google Play Store). Navigate back to your downloaded Involvvely APK file and click install and your in!

I'm using the app and found a few issues. What do I do?

Please let us know! While we're testing it on our end day and night, real world issues are definitely something we need to know about. Please feel free to take a screenshot and submit a ticket at www.involvvely.com/support and we'll get right on it as well as communicate with you on what we've learned!

I'm a Parent - What do I do?

First of all - Welcome to Involvvely and thanks for joining the Alpha Build! We always recommend adding all the members of your household to really use the functionality of the automated task manager and the parent groups as well as the chat feature! 

I'm a Teacher - What do I do?

After registering your account and selecting "teacher" in the setup, we always recommend setting up some test parents (or friends / associates) to test the features and let us know what you think!