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The One-Stop
Parenting Resource

Involvvely is a One-Stop Parent Resource and school administration platform that connect all parents within the community to engage and share resources needed to support the child’s learning and school experience.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5
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Build your school community together

Get the support you need. Connect with Involvvely parent community and share resources like virtual study groups, therapy, and extracurricular activities to make learning more interesting and productive.

Plan events, share ideas, and post questions to feed and get supports from a pool of parents and teachers.  Make collaboration easy.


We know homeschooling can be difficult

Meet like-minded parents and form pods to share homeschooling resources from setup all the way to meeting state grade requirements. Want to check-in and see if you’re on the right track? Open the app, connect and share.

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Automated Task Scheduler

Co-parenting can be challenging and it takes a village. With the automated task scheduler, you can plan and automate each of your child’s schedules with other parents or family members. 


Easily assign and shift task to the responsible party (Parents, family members)


Shows who is accountable, what they need to do, and when it is done


Easy to navigate. Easy to delegate. Easy to update.


Get live alerts and notifications allowing you be responsive when needed.

The Benefits of Involvvely

Share experiences, questions and get the support you need.

Parenting Resources

The value of parental involvement in their kid's education cannot be overemphasized. When parents are involved there is great benefit in the children’s growth.

Kid Friendly Learning Tools

Whether your child is already in school or going through the home-schooling route, Involvvely provides useful learning resources and tools to help you support your child and motivate them to succeed.

Consolidated Communication

Stay on top of school and students activities conferences, emails, volunteer

It takes a village.

One stop for all communication needs. Parents, teachers and kids. Families stay engaged, no matter where they are.
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For Families

From schoolwork to activities Involvvely provides the tools you need, when you need it, right on any device. Delegate related activities between family members seamlessly.


For Teachers

Teachers can share with parents and students information that is happening daily in the classroom, or deliver announcements in real-time via smart phones.
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Share activities from classroom and out of classroom using videos, photos, drawings and more, parent-monitored

How we support you

We start by making things easy. We understand your challenges by helping you:

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Teacher for Hire

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What They Say About Us

Hear from our parents and teachers who are currently using Involvvely to connect with their teaching communities!


After having similar products in the past, we have found this platform to be easy and user friendly for both parents, children and school. Satisfy the need of parents to stay updated with their child's progress in school.


Involvvely’s automated task scheduler has been particularly useful to use especially during this lockdown. It has helped my manage my 3 kids schedules between myself and family members.


Involvvely helped us maintain a collaborative learning environment. Teachers found it useful and a time saver. Any communication can now be sent even after the students go home for the day